David Foster - Owner of 1947 Entertainment Inc. Producer, writer, and consultant on many science fiction projects including Battlestar Galactica: The Second Coming. He is currently working with the Tri-City International Film Festival to promote education in the film industry. With his unique perspective, David has added valuable leadership, creativity, insight, and producing skills to every project on which he has worked.

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Harris Dvores - Scriptwriter. Often described as a renaissance man, Harris has been involved in creative works for 30 years. An approved scriptwriter for Star Trek - The Next Generation, Harris has authored a number of Star Trek scripts. He wrote both lyrics and music for the contemporary musical “The Transformation.” Harris has written dozens of songs, and co-produced the album “Throughout Time.” His computer game “Portfolio” was hailed as “the start of the next generation of computer software,” and nominated for program of the year. He has more than 20 games to his credit, including 4 sci-fi board games.

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Andy Wolf - Producer, director, writer, script doctor, and actor on countless productions. Andy served as the UPM for Battlestar Galactica: The Second Coming, and has produced the feature Naked Angel with Dancingstar Productions. He was the 1st AD on the science fiction pilot Starfall, and was encouraged to develop and build out his character "MSpec Gorna" by the show's creator, John Ellis. Andy brings a keen eye to every aspect of the production process.

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Scott Nakada - Art Director and Property Master for several productions. Scott served in both roles for the production of Star Trek: Renegades, and was Assistant Art Director for Star Trek: Of Gods And Men. He also owns Xscapes Props, offering custom art rendering and design services of props for film and television. Scott's ability to bring science fiction to a plausible reality through his artistic design and conceptualization processes is highly regarded by his peers.

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Shawn Pack - A computer technology veteran of 25 years and an avid fan of science fiction, he brings a futuristic perspective to present-day technology for 1947 Entertainment. His involvement has resulted in increased communication and collaboration among team members without sacrificing efficiency. For this we give him a 'Nod.'

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Kevin Severson (1965-2010) - An amazing writer and a science fiction mastermind for 1947 Entertainment. Kevin was a product of the Television Era and had a passion for film, a great sense of character development and dialog, and had created an assortment of revolutionary science fiction projects. Before being reality, he envisioned 'Mega Franchises,' where television, movies, print, and new media would work together to form integrated storylines in the way that Marvel has become the model for others. The unending drive and focus of 1947 Entertainment often started with Kevin Severson's cutting-edge imagination and creativity.

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Production Crew - The 1947 Entertainment Crew & Friends is a list of individuals who are currently working with, or have helped 1947 Entertainment in a valuable way.

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