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Moving on is difficult, knowing when to move on is even harder. While most of us are moving in different directions right now, we still have our hands in the pot of sci-fi. David, Andy, and Scott are booking various types of filmmaking panels and presentations. Harris is still writing, Scott still makes props, and Andy is still working in several aspects of the film industry.

We remain committed to seeing a couple more projects through if the opportunity (or, trek) presents itself, but for now we are supporting each other in different endeavors.

The Orville seems to be 10% of Seth’s humor, 70% of what Star Trek is supposed to be, and 20% of what Star Trek should be.

Long ago, Star Trek was a venue for getting audiences to think about serious issues. Rarely did it pitch ideas directly across the thinking plate, but would throw some knuckle-balls and curve-balls at us that required a bit of true thought. I imagine that a black woman on the bridge might have felt like a direct pitch to some, but it was certainly not as direct as a captain or first officer would have been. As of episode 3, the Orville seems to get this idea, and I look forward to seeing its next pitch.

As for the 20% of what Star Trek should be. The characters of The Orville aren’t perfect, or even nearly so. Gene Roddenberry would never have allowed Star Trek to display main characters that didn’t get along all the time, save for the occasional strange outside influences. The characters of The Orville are not only rough around the edges, but seem to have some serious character flaws. Though after all, don’t we each have serious flaws as well? This relatability is what I believe will be the show's greatest asset.

Unlike the critics, who don’t seem to understand this show (critics didn’t understand the original Star Trek either), I prefer this to the recent Trek franchises so far.

CBS announced this week that Alex Kurtzman will be helming a new Star Trek series in January of 2017. The seventh series since the franchise began in 1966. Though fans were wishing for a 50th anniversary start date, the premiere will be only four months further off.

In a bold move by CBS, the full series will not air on cable television, but will be offered on CBS All Access, their paid online VOD service which is currently $5.99 per month, and may be offered commercial free for $9.99 per month according to sources. Only the premiere episode will air on parent CBS to tease the series.

As a ten-year-old boy in the late sci-fi 70's, Glen Larson's Battlestar Galactica was my first love. My friend Marc Andrews and I would pretend to be Apollo and Starbuck, blasting Cylons with whatever stick or toy we found suitable. My blonde hair more suited me for the role of Starbuck, while Mark's dark hair was, in my current mind, the spitting image of Apollo himself. The truth, however, was that I wanted nothing more than to blast Cylons to oblivion with Apollo at my side, and Adama leading us to a Glen Larson - promised land.

1947 Entertainment Inc. is made up of a variety of experienced professional film production talent from several parts of the country. Meet the production staff, crew, and members via Bio's, Reels, and Resumes.

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1947's Andy Wolf was a Principal Actor, playing Robert Mulkern, in the featured "re-creation" segment of "America's Most Wanted: America Fights Back." This Season-Premiere episode was a ground-breaking first-ever 2-hour special of the show, traveling across the country and spotlighting a criminal from every one of the 50 states. Currently, Andy has booked acting jobs in the feature film "Courting Chaos," as well as Principal Actor and Puppeteer on Adult Swim's "The Eric Andre Show," interviewing the 80's comedian Gallagher.

For eight years, Louisiana has led the world in creating the most lucrative incentives in order to lure in the film industry. By offering such fantastic incentives, they have changed not only the face of the industry, but have diversified their economy by creating high-skilled, high-paying jobs that improve the image of the state.

original story 6/11/2010

With the absence of any first-run Star Trek television series since Star Trek: Enterprise ended its fourth year abruptly in 2004, the recent feature film, Star Trek (2009), only served to remind fans how much they miss their weekly dose of the biggest sci-fi television franchise of all time. Fans are getting restless with anticipation of what will come next.

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Significance of 1947

On July 2, 1947, during a severe evening thunderstorm, a flying saucer crashed on the Foster Ranch near Corona, New Mexico. (The military base nearest the crash site is in Roswell, New Mexico; hence, Roswell is more closely associated with this event than Corona.)

While the details will long be debated, there is no denying that this date is a rally point for both science fiction and space exploration aficionados.