1947 Entertainment Inc. is a dynamic and creative company specializing in thought provoking science fiction entertainment. With creative talent located in Los Angeles, the heart of the movie and entertainment industry, 1947 Entertainment Inc. is dedicated to developing science fiction film and television projects for the future.

RADCON has invited 1947 Entertainment representatives: David Foster, Andy Wolf, and Scott Nakada, who will be available to both fans and media for the duration of the convention. In addition to filming a new 1947 short film over the weekend, and participating in convention panels, they will also be speaking to the theater and arts departments at several local schools. To schedule a school visit, interview, or meeting, please use the Contact Us form. The annual RADCON Convention is a favorite of 1947.

1947's Andy Wolf was a Principal Actor, playing Robert Mulkern, in the featured "re-creation" segment of "America's Most Wanted: America Fights Back." This Season-Premiere episode was a ground-breaking first-ever 2-hour special of the show, traveling across the country and spotlighting a criminal from every one of the 50 states. Currently, Andy has booked acting jobs in the feature film "Courting Chaos," as well as Principal Actor and Puppeteer on Adult Swim's "The Eric Andre Show," interviewing the 80's comedian Gallagher.

1947 Entertainment Inc. is currently developing science fiction projects for online, television, film, and festivals. With production crews comprising several key members with top-end industry experience.

Several 1947 staff members served as mentors in the 2013 Radcon: Let's Make A Movie Film Short, where films went from story to film in only a few hours during the Radcon Sci-Fi Convention in Pasco, WA. Films were produced by convention attendee's with guidance by a collection of Media Guests of Honor and Pro's.

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The Screamwriter

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A 2047 Productions short film that included a producer credit for David Foster. When Saturn Award winning and Zombie screenwriter Jeremy Langdon comes down with a case of writer's block, he is coaxed by his agent to kill off his Zombies and switch to writing comedy. Un- fortunately, the Zombies who have starred in each of Jeremy's movies do not like the idea and try to prevent him from killing them off. The struggle that follows has everyone wondering if Jeremy has lost his mind; perhaps they were all in his head... Or perhaps not.

1947 Entertainment Inc. is made up of a variety of experienced professional film production talent from several parts of the country. Meet the production staff, crew, and members via Bio's, Reels, and Resumes.

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For eight years, Louisiana has led the world in creating the most lucrative incentives in order to lure in the film industry. By offering such fantastic incentives, they have changed not only the face of the industry, but have diversified their economy by creating high-skilled, high-paying jobs that improve the image of the state.

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With the absence of any first-run Star Trek television series since Star Trek: Enterprise ended its fourth year abruptly in 2004, the recent feature film, Star Trek (2009), only served to remind fans how much they miss their weekly dose of the biggest sci-fi television franchise of all time. Fans are getting restless with anticipation of what will come next.

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Significance of 1947

On July 2, 1947, during a severe evening thunderstorm, a flying saucer crashed on the Foster Ranch near Corona, New Mexico. (The military base nearest the crash site is in Roswell, New Mexico; hence, Roswell is more closely associated with this event than Corona.)

While the details will long be debated, there is no denying that this date is a rally point for both science fiction and space exploration aficionados.

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