1947 Entertainment Inc. is currently developing science fiction projects for online, television, film, and festivals. With production crews comprising several key members with top-end industry experience.

Several 1947 staff members served as mentors in the 2013 Radcon: Let's Make A Movie Film Short, where films went from story to film in only a few hours during the Radcon Sci-Fi Convention in Pasco, WA. Films were produced by convention attendee's with guidance by a collection of Media Guests of Honor and Pro's.

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The Screamwriter

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A 2047 Productions short film that included a producer credit for David Foster. When Saturn Award winning and Zombie screenwriter Jeremy Langdon comes down with a case of writer's block, he is coaxed by his agent to kill off his Zombies and switch to writing comedy. Un- fortunately, the Zombies who have starred in each of Jeremy's movies do not like the idea and try to prevent him from killing them off. The struggle that follows has everyone wondering if Jeremy has lost his mind; perhaps they were all in his head... Or perhaps not.


A sci-fi television series set nearly 400 years in the future.

For several months now, there has been speculation and rumor about this project. While there is some truth out there, it represents a very small piece of the overall work. This is still considered to be 'in progress', and progress is still being made.

The project team has been comprised of several members with professional Industry experience on television and films such as Star Trek, Chuck, The Twilight Saga, and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. The co-creators are David Foster, and the late Kevin Severson, who were inspired by the works of Gene Roddenberry, Joss Whedon, Ron Moore, Manny Coto, and J. Michael Straczynski.

Clockwork Infinity

With a planned series of short films in a collaborated effort that includes 1947 Entertainment in writing, producing, acting, editing, and other key roles. The pilot episode was filmed in 48 hours on site at the 2011 RadCon convention as a 'how-to' instructional film panel.

The premise:
A mysterious device is being tracked by a secret organization that will stop at nothing in their quest to seize control of it. The fabric of time and space hangs in the balance in this series of Science-Fiction Steampunk shorts. Original story by Sean Kennedy. Premiered at Sci-Fi World Con in Reno, Nevada on August 18, 2011.

Clockwork Infinity, Episode 2

The script has been completed for Episode 2, with plans to launch Clockwork Infinity into a web series of shorts. Filming will be resume in 2013. We are looking to fill some holes for cast & crew. Written by David Foster, to be directed by Matt Vancil.


A mysterious network of wormholes makes space travel cheap and easy, driving the brave, the hungry, and the hopeless to seek their own paths to fame and fortune on the space highways. Some mine the asteroids, while others ply the routes of interstellar trade. Convoys of settlers fill the space ways, too vast to be protected. Most are easy targets for the blackguards, the con artists and the pirates, but some can fight back. They are the Freebooters.

An entrepreneur, civilian scout and bounty hunter leads his crew of freebooters to do what they can to make a living, and make a difference, in the wilds of space.

This Space For Rent

In 2151, a space mission to explore new frontiers is interrupted by what could be the biggest threat to life as we know it. A comedic insight to the exploration of extreme free enterprise and market competition in a futuristic space adventure short film.

The Nexus Solution

On the rough-and-tumble streets of Los Angeles, circa 2069, he's a hard man with a hard job. A police detective in a city exploding with hate, crime, and greed. An exploration of the pressures of overpopulation, class, and status in a city with too much of everything, except hope. Science Fiction Noir at its finest. When the rich and the well-connected have already fled to space, what will be left for those who are left behind?

The Invisibile Man

This is a film short about a man unaware of his powers of invisibility, though fully aware of his lack of visibility. A tragic story of love and loss.