The Orville seems to be 10% of Seth’s humor, 70% of what Star Trek is supposed to be, and 20% of what Star Trek should be.

Long ago, Star Trek was a venue for getting audiences to think about serious issues. Rarely did it pitch ideas directly across the thinking plate, but would throw some knuckle-balls and curve-balls at us that required a bit of true thought. I imagine that a black woman on the bridge might have felt like a direct pitch to some, but it was certainly not as direct as a captain or first officer would have been. As of episode 3, the Orville seems to get this idea, and I look forward to seeing its next pitch.

As for the 20% of what Star Trek should be. The characters of The Orville aren’t perfect, or even nearly so. Gene Roddenberry would never have allowed Star Trek to display main characters that didn’t get along all the time, save for the occasional strange outside influences. The characters of The Orville are not only rough around the edges, but seem to have some serious character flaws. Though after all, don’t we each have serious flaws as well? This relatability is what I believe will be the show's greatest asset.

Unlike the critics, who don’t seem to understand this show (critics didn’t understand the original Star Trek either), I prefer this to the recent Trek franchises so far.