For eight years, Louisiana has led the world in creating the most lucrative incentives in order to lure in the film industry. By offering such fantastic incentives, they have changed not only the face of the industry, but have diversified their economy by creating high-skilled, high-paying jobs that improve the image of the state.

Since 2002, when the first tax credits were introduced, the incentives have generated more than $2 billion in new revenue and spurred creation of thousands of high-wage jobs, state-of-the-art infrastructure development and new business opportunities.

While California continues to lose filming jobs due to ever increasing taxes, they would be wise to learn the lesson offered by Louisiana's 'cash back' incentives.

Louisiana offers a 30% transferable incentive for total in-state expenditures related to the production of a motion picture. An additional 5% labor incentive can be earned on the payroll of Louisiana residents. The incentives are fully transferable and Louisiana has no limit to the amount of incentives that can be earned by a single production. Only money spent on production costs within the borders of the state of Louisiana qualify for the 30% incentive. That includes all services that are performed in Louisiana from residents and non-residents alike. Additionally, Louisiana now offers the option to transfer credits (incentives) to the state for .85 on the dollar and they will cut a check immediately.

These types of incentives not only grow the Louisiana economy, but are changing the public perception of the state and increasing tourism.

It is no secret why California is heading in the opposite direction. When it comes to the film industry, California needs to put up, or give up.