By popular request, here is a list of a few of the websites with articles about 1947 Entertainment or it's projects. There are some humorous errors on some of the sites, and some of the love/hate posts by the readers are interesting (Note: David Foster did not produce Battlestar Galactica, he is not musically talented--wrong David Foster--, his Tribbles are no larger than anyone elses, and he is not the droid you are looking for). (Note: 1947 Entertainment does not endorse or promote any of the sites or products linked herein).


Open Space (Russian)

Associated Content

Infobae (Spanish)

Escapist Magazine

Sarah Kelly

Cinema Blend

What Culture and another good article on their site here

The New York Post and another one here

Geeks of Doom


The Mary Sue


Trek BBS

Trek News

IMDb and another one here

Celebrity Gossip

Geek Tyrant


Film Crave

Airlock Alpha

Den of Geek

Stuff From the Mind of a Geek

Forces of Geek


Bad TV (Italian)

Flyine (Chinese)

Digital Spy

Trek Brasilis (Brazilian)

lots more being posted....