Harris Dvores

Harris Dvores may be the oak tree of sanity for the group, but his ability to hear the character voices in his head and transcribe them to the script is his real talent. Harris' sci-fi creativity stems from his love of the Star Trek novels growing up. His ability to give life to characters could be described as "3D dialogue".


As a kid, I remember going to the library and reading every sci-fi story I could get my hands on. I couldn’t wait for the next Star Trek novel! But I never considered writing for TV until I saw the TNG cliff-hanger, “The Best of Both Worlds.” When I watched that episode, something clicked inside, and I knew, “That’s how I’m supposed to write!”

I love the creative process... the spark of inspiration, followed by breathless anticipation of where the idea will lead. A famous sculptor once said that the image is already in the rock, and sculpting is the process of chipping away everything else. I’ve found that to be true with my creations. As I immerse myself, the story takes on a life of its own. I hear the characters speak their lines... it’s just up to me to write down what they’re saying.

My view is that’s what’s missing from so much of today’s science fiction. A show’s description may sound interesting, but it often falls apart at the dialogue level. Characters woodenly recite their lines, and the plot lurches from one scene to the next.

Authentic characters say what they do because that’s who they are. The two-hour pilot I co-wrote for 1947 Entertainment is a great example. The characters feel real, and that’s why you care about what happens to them.

     - harrisdvores.com