Andy Wolf

Andy trained at Northwestern University in Film and Theatre, and has worked in live theatre, film, and television on both sides of the production team – including Director, Producer, and 1st AD, as well as actor – in off-broadway shows, television pilots and series, webisodes, shorts, and features.

He enjoys both sides of the camera, and strives to make the vision come together, no matter if it’s his or someone else’s. The most important thing to Andy is working on a project he believes in, with people he enjoys being around, and respects. The best working relationship is one in which there is mutual respect, and each person knows that he can trust that everyone will do their best job, working together to make the best possible project. And when he can bring it in under budget, on time or even early, and looking like much more than what was expected or spent, even better.

Some recent productions include the award-winning feature film “Naked Angel” with writer/director Christina Morales Hemenway, with whom he’s partnered up with for the 5th time on the action/romance “The Fanatic.”

He has just completed two features with Nandar Entertainment, and is in Development on several projects with Hometown Productions in Orange, CA.

Andy was the UPM on “Battlestar Galactica: The Second Coming” – just one of many projects he’s worked with Richard Hatch on, as well as David Foster. He has also worked with many other science-fiction personalities, and has been around the genre for many years, performing in Los Angeles and at trade shows and conventions throughout the country.

Andy is a go-getter that continuously looks forward to producing the next project with 1947 Entertainment.

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