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Our Vision - Quite often, entertainment is first placed in a type of setting such as science fiction, and then a story is envisioned, and finally characters are developed.

At 1947 Entertainment Inc., we take a drastically different approach.

Strong characters attract the emotions of the audience, whether or not the audience enjoys or embraces the story. The setting could just as easily be Mount Everest rather than the Milky Way Galaxy and the audience still wouldn't care about a boring story or character.

Character-driven stories in a science fiction setting; this is our vision. By creating embraceable characters, the audience then cares about the story, and the setting becomes more of a natural background that transcends science fiction and draws in new fans.

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Who We Are

David Foster - Owner of 1947 Entertainment Inc. Producer, writer, and consultant on many science fiction projects including Battlestar Galactica: The Second Coming. He is currently working with the Tri-City International Film Festival to promote education in the film industry. With his unique perspective, David has added valuable leadership, creativity, insight, and producing skills to every project on which he has worked.

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Harris Dvores - Scriptwriter. Often described as a renaissance man, Harris has been involved in creative works for 30 years. An approved scriptwriter for Star Trek - The Next Generation, Harris has authored a number of Star Trek scripts. He wrote both lyrics and music for the contemporary musical “The Transformation.” Harris has written dozens of songs, and co-produced the album “Throughout Time.” His computer game “Portfolio” was hailed as “the start of the next generation of computer software,” and nominated for program of the year. He has more than 20 games to his credit, including 4 sci-fi board games.

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Andy Wolf - Producer, director, writer, script doctor, and actor on countless productions. Andy served as the UPM for Battlestar Galactica: The Second Coming, and has produced the feature Naked Angel with Dancingstar Productions. He was the 1st AD on the science fiction pilot Starfall, and was encouraged to develop and build out his character "MSpec Gorna" by the show's creator, John Ellis. Andy brings a keen eye to every aspect of the production process.

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Scott Nakada - Art Director and Property Master for several productions. Scott served in both roles for the production of Star Trek: Renegades, and was Assistant Art Director for Star Trek: Of Gods And Men. He also owns Xscapes Props, offering custom art rendering and design services of props for film and television. Scott's ability to bring science fiction to a plausible reality through his artistic design and conceptualization processes is highly regarded by his peers.

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Shawn Pack - A computer technology veteran of 25 years and an avid fan of science fiction, he brings a futuristic perspective to present-day technology for 1947 Entertainment. His involvement has resulted in increased communication and collaboration among team members without sacrificing efficiency. For this we give him a 'Nod.'

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Kevin Severson (1965-2010) - An amazing writer and a science fiction mastermind for 1947 Entertainment. Kevin was a product of the Television Era and had a passion for film, a great sense of character development and dialog, and had created an assortment of revolutionary science fiction projects. Before being reality, he envisioned 'Mega Franchises,' where television, movies, print, and new media would work together to form integrated storylines in the way that Marvel has become the model for others. The unending drive and focus of 1947 Entertainment often started with Kevin Severson's cutting-edge imagination and creativity.

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Production Crew - The 1947 Entertainment Crew & Friends is a list of individuals who are currently working with, or have helped 1947 Entertainment in a valuable way.

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David Foster

David Foster is motivated by his passion to impact and inspire audiences through the art of science fiction storytelling on film. David's foundation for his creative science fiction is largely based on Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry's 'positive view of the future.' David uses his faith and ethics to build genuine relationships and network resources together. With great determination and energy, David Foster brings an out-of-the-box mindset to 1947 Entertainment to re-develop science fiction entertainment for future audiences.


As a child, I was a fan of television shows such as Battlestar Galactica, Star Blazers, M.A.S.H., and Magnum P.I., which would all instill a desire for character driven stories in a science fiction setting, as opposed to sci-fi driven-stories in a dramatic setting. (Imagine M.A.S.H. being all about the war instead of the characters...it just wouldn't be the same, or nearly as compelling). My first cable TV movie experience was seeing Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn, which would forever impact my imagination and creativity. Later influences would include Quantum Leap, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Back to the Future, and the Indiana Jones movies.

Writing was something that I was never good at in school, but had a strong passion for at home. Poetry, songs, and short stories were both my escape and a motivation to improve myself.

Eventually I headed south to Los Angeles with little in my possession but faith, independence, inspiration, and a sense of adventure. This experience has forever impacted my approach to life.

I worked extensively in the art & entertainment industries, supporting science fiction television and film such as Star Trek, Star Wars, Babylon 5, Xena Warrior Princess, Hercules, and many more. I worked with directors, writers, actors, and production crew in various venues. The Sci-Fi Industry also provided many opportunities for extensive travel and interaction with dedicated and obsessive fans from all sectors of life. This work and my passion for science fiction & art drove me to design cutting-edge imagery born from an active imagination.

During this time, I was able to study some aspects of production from the art department to directing while on the sets of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager with cast and crew that included Rene Auberjonois, Armin Shimerman, and Michael Piller.

I served as script-consultant and advisor for Richard Hatch in the production of Battlestar Galactica: The Second Coming. This is where I was also given an opportunity to act, but didn't really catch the 'acting bug.' I suppose that to me, acting was delivering someone else's vision, while my own vision could be written and produced.

With a sense of adventure and a passion to improve science fiction via character-driven stories, I am inspired by exploration of the universe and time travel that leads us to improve ourselves. Exploring inner self through outward adventure has always been a fascinating concept for me.

Currently, I am seeking passionate people with excellent skill sets, talent, and resources for current and future 1947 Entertainment productions. If you have the passion, skill, and focus, please contact me for consideration.

Harris Dvores

Harris Dvores may be the oak tree of sanity for the group, but his ability to hear the character voices in his head and transcribe them to the script is his real talent. Harris' sci-fi creativity stems from his love of the Star Trek novels growing up. His ability to give life to characters could be described as "3D dialogue".


As a kid, I remember going to the library and reading every sci-fi story I could get my hands on. I couldn’t wait for the next Star Trek novel! But I never considered writing for TV until I saw the TNG cliff-hanger, “The Best of Both Worlds.” When I watched that episode, something clicked inside, and I knew, “That’s how I’m supposed to write!”

I love the creative process... the spark of inspiration, followed by breathless anticipation of where the idea will lead. A famous sculptor once said that the image is already in the rock, and sculpting is the process of chipping away everything else. I’ve found that to be true with my creations. As I immerse myself, the story takes on a life of its own. I hear the characters speak their lines... it’s just up to me to write down what they’re saying.

My view is that’s what’s missing from so much of today’s science fiction. A show’s description may sound interesting, but it often falls apart at the dialogue level. Characters woodenly recite their lines, and the plot lurches from one scene to the next.

Authentic characters say what they do because that’s who they are. The two-hour pilot I co-wrote for 1947 Entertainment is a great example. The characters feel real, and that’s why you care about what happens to them.

     - harrisdvores.com

Andy Wolf

Andy trained at Northwestern University in Film and Theatre, and has worked in live theatre, film, and television on both sides of the production team – including Director, Producer, and 1st AD, as well as actor – in off-broadway shows, television pilots and series, webisodes, shorts, and features.

He enjoys both sides of the camera, and strives to make the vision come together, no matter if it’s his or someone else’s. The most important thing to Andy is working on a project he believes in, with people he enjoys being around, and respects. The best working relationship is one in which there is mutual respect, and each person knows that he can trust that everyone will do their best job, working together to make the best possible project. And when he can bring it in under budget, on time or even early, and looking like much more than what was expected or spent, even better.

Some recent productions include the award-winning feature film “Naked Angel” with writer/director Christina Morales Hemenway, with whom he’s partnered up with for the 5th time on the action/romance “The Fanatic.”

He has just completed two features with Nandar Entertainment, and is in Development on several projects with Hometown Productions in Orange, CA.

Andy was the UPM on “Battlestar Galactica: The Second Coming” – just one of many projects he’s worked with Richard Hatch on, as well as David Foster. He has also worked with many other science-fiction personalities, and has been around the genre for many years, performing in Los Angeles and at trade shows and conventions throughout the country.

Andy is a go-getter that continuously looks forward to producing the next project with 1947 Entertainment.

     - Andy Wolf Entertainment website
     - Andy Wolf on IMDb (Internet Movie Database)

Scott Nakada

Everything we see and touch, from the fantastic to the sublime, starts with an artist’s idea, using ‘pencil and paper,’ to bring an idea to a physical reality. That’s what Scott Nakada does daily with props, drawn art, and conceptual works.


My interest in art began at an early age. The basics were always with me, recognized and nurtured by teachers, friends, and most importantly my parents.

The influence of technical-looking animation was always a part of my entertainment, along with television shows such as Star Trek, popular comedies, and other dramatic works of fiction as well as the good old action flick.

By the time I had graduated high school, I had already established a reputation among my peers as one of the three best artists in the school with two major public murals having been completed, and artwork exhibited in Asia, Europe, and the USA.

Influenced by great artists, science fiction, and Japanese animation, I have developed my own drawing style which has served me well in recent years to convey power, motion, function, and emotion through otherwise inanimate assemblies of materials.

While holding other real-world jobs that were very demanding, I started my own prop company, Xscapes Sci-Fi Originals, establishing a web presence to keep overhead and start-up costs down. This prop company has grown and has been in operation since 2000. My work now has a following of fans who love what I can do, and what I am able to achieve with my original prop designs.

Through Xscapes, I have done prop work on a number of fan films, small independent projects, and most notably providing original props to the production of Star Trek: Of Gods and Men. The props I designed and prototyped, earned me the title of Property Master; I therefore also managed the props on set, during production. I also provided storyboarding for the third act’s climactic combat sequence as well as providing Art Direction for act 3 in post-production, earning myself the title of Assistant Art Director. I have also since then conceptualized filming sets, new props, uniforms, and hero vessels to provide assistance to several projects.

I believe in part what makes me an effective Artist is my understanding and use of the underlying concepts of lines, depth, tones, colors, and design philosophies that I can see throughout a project and how it can and does translate as artwork for costumes, props, sets, lighting, graphics, and visual effects.

Shawn Pack

While Shawn Pack is the official purveyor of fine IT at 1947 Entertainment Inc., his insight into great science fiction has allowed him to also serve as a creative consultant on many projects. Always willing to discuss literary, audio, or filmed science fiction over a great cigar (pref. Diesel), his ability to notice the smallest details amidst a grand character and/or scene is priceless.


I have been influenced by Science-Fiction for nearly as long as I can remember. I can recall being taken to see Star Wars around age 6 and things were never the same after that. I had to have more.

Television and movie influences growing up were Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, V, Batman (Adam West), Star Trek, Airwolf, Magnum P.I., Miami Vice, E.T. and Transformers. The only toy I wanted growing up, aside from Star Wars toys, was Space Legos. When the desire to play with X-Wings and Tie-Fighters subsided, the Legos were always there. With these I would craft whatever my imagination would inspire me to.

My literary influences in my teens and 20's were those of Isaac Asimov, Stephen R. Donaldson and Orson Scott Card. Through the powerful stories developed by such writers I gained a true appreciation for the story, and not just the visual given by television and movies.

My graduating year in High School I worked as an intern with engineers and discovered personal computers. Over the next 4 years of internship while attending college I discovered the emerging Internet and databases, which became my strongest skill set.

In recent years I feel that I re-discovered what good science-fiction looks like on television with the new Battlestar Galactica. I saw it first and foremost as a drama with powerful characters and a compelling storyline that literally had me hanging on the edge of my seat every Friday night, anxious for next week. The fact that it was Science-Fiction was a bonus. Firefly was another series that I saw primarily as a character driven story that just happened to be in a Sci-Fi setting.

Kevin Severson (1965-2010)

Kevin Severson was, first and foremost, a writer. He brought creative energy and direction to 1947 Entertainment Inc., providing ideas which don't just entertain, but stimulate even more ideas from the team, as well as our audience. Not simply a paper mill, Kevin had a highly visual imagination, which was conducive with creating exciting, provocative film and television drama.

BACKGROUND (autobiography)

A product of the Television Era, I have lived and breathed science fiction since 1972. In that magical year, cable came to the tiny upstate New York town in which I lived, making it possible for me to watch Star Trek three times a day. The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits, Logan's Run, Battlestar Galactica, all these and many more added color to the rapidly forming tapestry of my narrative. Beyond television alone, the writings of Issac Assimov, Larry Niven, J.R.R. Tolkien and Ray Bradbury provided major influence.

After graduation, I switched my focus from studying science fiction and fantasy to studying Humanity. As a truck driver, I have visited every one of the lower forty eight states, except North Dakota. The Army taught me more about the human condition than I could have imagined, not to mention how to get things done. I have taken part in the founding of three non-profit community organizations, and committed multiple acts of fan fiction, of which I am actually proud. In the science fiction fandom community, I am considered a Class 2 fan, able to bandy about episode titles and high level trivia while still capable of moving in normal American society.

What I developed over these formative years was a tremendous respect for the power of words, and how people use them to move forward in their lives. My first standard for a project is "Have something to say." Writing, and by extension filmmaking, is an act of communication, so be clear on what it is you want to share with your audience. Everything flows from that. I have spent years watching, studying people, and learning about how the world works, and having found my voice; my desire is to share it with the world.

While my ability to use the Internet as a research tool has proven invaluable, my finest skill is my ability to listen, which has made collaboration with my partners and associates in 1947 Entertainment a dream. I am endlessly thrilled by what the seeds of my scripts grow into, under their collective talents.

Note: Kevin Severson, age 45, died unexpectedly on Thursday, September 30, 2010. He is survived by his wife, Sarah, son Marcus and daughter Rebecca.

Production Staff

Production Staff, Crew, & Friends - make up a variety of experienced professional film production and creative talent for 1947 Entertainment, and we have listed below just some of the individuals who are currently working with, or have helped 1947 Entertainment in a valuable way.

2047 Productions - Co-Production Company
Nat Saenz - Producer
David Kania - Producer / Director
Dan Curry - Visual Effects
Ron B. Moore - Visual Effects
Chris Dawson - Visual Effects
Wil Jaspers - Modeler
Henry Gibbens - Modeler
Roland Baron - Modeler
Tristan Barnard - Costume Designer
Brandy Cannon - Costume Designer
James Cukr - Creative Consultant
Jon Rutledge - Creative Consultant